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By Shimron Singh | May 30th, 2023
  • Central, HK Island
  • Starts : June 3, 2023
  • Ends : June 28, 2023

The Netherlands is leading the way towards a more sustainable future and the Designing Circularity exhibition is here to show us how it’s done. From June 3rd to 28th, head to Central Market to explore circular economy designs in three areas: Built Environment, Fashion, and Everyday Goods.

Curated by Dutch designer Sjoerd Hoekstra, Hong Kong architectural designer Hoi Chi Ng, and Dutch designer Simone de Waart, this exhibition demonstrates how we can achieve zero waste and zero carbon by using and reusing what we already have, combined with renewable resources. It’s time to take action since the world is already consuming resources equivalent to 1.7 earths, with Hong Kong and Dutch lifestyles requiring 4.4 and 3.6 earths, respectively. Holy guacamole!

Wikkelhouse at Stayokay Dordrecht, Netherlands. Picture and ©: Yvonne Witte / Wikkelhouse

But don’t worry, you can take part in a plastic-upcycling workshop by Gaau1 Up and a garment repair workshop by Woolfiller. Plus, industry experts will be giving talks on how to steer toward a more sustainable direction. It’s time to put on our thinking caps and work together to make a difference!

The exhibition highlights best circular practices in areas of the built environment, fashion, and everyday goods, focusing on the life of buildings, clothes, and objects once they are no longer in use. This approach has the potential to reduce waste and CO2 emissions significantly. Let’s learn from the Netherlands’ pioneering efforts toward sustainability and join them in creating a better future for ourselves and our planet.

Where? 1F Event Space, Central Market (93 Queen’s Road Central and 90 Des Voeux Road, Central)

When? 3 June (Saturday) – 28 June (Wednesday), 2023

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