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By The Loop HK Contributor | May 3rd, 2021
  • Admiralty, HK Island
  • Starts : 1619481600
  • Ends : 1632009600

Lalan Land: Xie Jing-lan, also better known as Lalan, is one of the most influential female artists in 20th century Chinese history, most famous for her abstract art and her integrated art that fuses together painting, music, and dance. To celebrate the artist and as part of Asia Society Hong Kong’s Chinese Female Artist Series, the society is presenting “Extended Figure: The Art and Inspiration of Lalan“, showcasing over 30 masterpieces and archival materials of her cross-disciplinary attempts.

Lalan came from a background of professional vocal training, having studied composition and modern dance. She began developing a unique approach to create her abstract art pieces in Paris: “choreographing” paintings by intuition and voluntary gestures. For an immersive experience of Lalan’s artistic approach, look forward to the society’s special collaboration with choreographer Allen Lam to produce a retrospective performance encompassing music, dance and AR technology.

Where? Chantal Miller Gallery, Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty

When? April 27 to September 19, 2021

How much? Free!

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