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By The Loop HK Staff | January 19th, 2017
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Auspicious treats: Did you know that the pineapple is a symbol for good wealth and fortune in many Asian countries? And pineapple shortcakes, aka huáng lí sū in Malaysia and Singapore, are said to sound similar to the Chinese phrase for “prosperity is on the way”, making the pastries an ideal gift for spreading good figurative fortune all year round — but especially during festive and celebratory occasions.

Bringing in fortune in a lucky red, gold and mandarin-colored gift box, the Limited Edition Moreish CNY pineapple shortcakes are available for $128 on the Moreish website (with orders of 10 or more boxes receiving a special CNY discount), as well as at the Lane Crawford ifc branch.

Moreish Pineapple Shortcakes use pineapples that are ethically sourced from small farms in Thailand, and the best native Patavia pineapples are selected by hand just before they fully ripen. This ensures that the pineapple filling has the right balance of sweet and tangy. Made with premium flour and French butter, the bite-sized delights are also given a savory kick with a sprinkling of pink Himalayan salt on top.

How much does it cost? $128 per gift box

Where can I buy? The Moreish website or Lane Crawford at the ifc.

Written by The Loop HK for Moreish.