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By The Loop HK Staff | October 6th, 2020
  • $801 and above
  • Central
  • Starts : 1602720000
  • Ends : 1607126400

Fortune’s Favor: A pop-up speakeasy specializing in regional Chinese cuisine? We’d be a little dubious, too, but the concept is rather compelling. Named for the number 8 – which is very auspicious in Chines culture – 888FatFatFat is a unique concept inspired by the ancient Chinese myth of Mount Penglai, a hidden island where the eight immortals gathered for a ceremonial feast. In true speakeasy fashion, you won’t be able to find the entrance to the restaurant – instead, you’ll look for a lady dressed in white, who will take you to the gold-and-white dining room. Communal dining is the go here, so dishes are made to be shared – think Giant Razor Clams ($328), Henan 8 Immortal’s Chicken ($428), Xinjiang “Lamb” Skewers ($188), and Peking “Duck” Wraps (with jackfruit instead of meat) ($238). You could also just order the 888 Experience to keep things simple – you’ll also enjoy a Baijiu tasting flight or cocktails with this set. An exclusive 888 Noodle Bar Menu (from $138) is available for midday meals.

When? Oct 15 – Dec 5, 2020.

Where? Shop 402, 4/F, Exchange Square Podium, Central, Hong Kong (enter via Shanghai Garden)

How much? Varies per dish / $888 for 888 Experience

How to book? Still to be announced – keep an eye on their Instagram page for details.

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Written by The Loop HK for 888FatFatFat.