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By Michelle Chan | February 15th, 2023

Singing Elsa audio-animatronic? It doesn’t get more magical than World of Frozen.

Hong Kong is a city specialized in setting world records, and one of its greatest achievements is without a doubt the up-and-coming World of Frozen in Hong Kong Disneyland. Being the world’s first theme park area based on the iconic animated film Frozen, World of Frozen brings the kingdom of Arendelle from the 2D plane into the 3D reality we live in.

Image: Disney

Nordic set dressing and beautifully imagineered scenery aside, this new addition to the park is also home to two new attractions, a quick-service restaurant and other merchandise outlets. Frozen Ever After is where you interact with life-scale animatronic iterations of beloved Frozen characters, and Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs is a first-of-its-kind outdoor roller coaster suited for families (totally not coming for your spot, Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars).

And of course, how can Disney leave out significant landmarks such as the Arendelle castle and Elsa’s ice tower? These Instagrammable sites are meticulously replicated and fitted into the vibrant World of Frozen, immersing visitors into the fairytale fantasy.

Check out Disney’s recently released preview of the Elsa audio-animatronic and drone video on how the park is coming along, and shiver in excitement for its grand reveal in the second half of this year. The wait never bothered me anyway — sike.

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