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By Yannie Chan | June 19th, 2018

Sometimes you really need to get to know someone before you start to notice ingrained prejudices and subscriptions to stereotypes. Other times, little details can say a lot. Here are some telltale signs your partner could be storing some not-so-sexy sexist tendencies.

1. Missing chilli sauce or a pair of chopsticks at the dai pai dong? They always expect you to go get ’em.

Don't expect your woman to serve you. Credit: Giphy
Oh, sure. Let me get that for you. Credit:

2. The bill comes, and you’re the only one who reaches for it.

Nothing wrong for the guy to pay, but don't take it for granted. Credit: Giphy
It’s the expectation that hurts. Credit:

3. At home, they assume you’ll be the one to cook and wash the dishes. Every night.

It's not a woman's job to make you sandwich. Credit: Giphy
Hey homie, it’s not my job to make you a sandwich. Credit:

4. It’s not just cooking, though. It’s ALL the damn chores.

Domestic chores are not automatically a woman's domain. Credit:
Domestic goddess? No thank you. Credit:

5. But when the dehumidifier’s full, you wait for your SO to dump the water.

Likewise, physical work do not have to fall automatically on a man's shoulder. Credit: Giphy
Come on. It’s not that heavy. Credit:

6. It’s summer, you’re getting ready, and they say your outfit’s too revealing.

Never slut shame. Credit: Giphy
Have you been outside in Hong Kong during summer? Credit: Giphy

8. Your SO’s constantly blaming you for not earning enough to buy a flat. In Hong Kong. Where no one can buy a flat.

Not cool when men are always expected to be the family's breadwinner. Credit: Giphy
And how’s your breadwinning going there, darling? Credit:

9. When things get serious, they expect you to move into their place. And by their place, they obviously mean the parents’ place.

WHAAT, NO! Credit: Giphy


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