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By The Loop HK Staff | February 7th, 2016

Are you bored of the same old bedroom romp? Get it on around town at one of these daring spaces.

1. In a Country Park

Nearly half of Hong Kong is covered in green. Take advantage of the foliage by hiking to a nearby country park, finding a private bush, and enjoying all that mother nature has to offer.

Hong Kong Country Park
Go off the beaten path. Photo: Leonardolo via Wikipedia CC

2. In the Ocean

Hong Kong is lined with beaches — some more deserted than others. But getting down and dirty in the sand can be messy, so why not use the warm and breezy ocean as your love blanket?

Hong Kong Ocean
Get adventurous with your water activities. Photo: WiNG/ CC

3. On a Rooftop

With the sheer amount of tall buildings in Hong Kong, you’re bound to find an abandoned rooftop somewhere, hopefully away from prying eyes.

Hong Kong Rooftop
So many roofs, so many possibilities. Photo: J. Carmichael via Public Domain

4. In a Stairwell

With tall buildings come lots of flights of stairs. Claim an empty floor, check for cameras, and use the steps for balance.

Take it to the stairs. Photo: Hsiaopeitoo / CC

5. Down an Alleyway

This one’s a bit tougher, as there’s hardly any privacy on Hong Kong’s bustling streets. Go for a dark, narrow corridor, and use the ubiquitous cardboard boxes, trolleys and garbage bins for cover — even if a few pedestrians come tumbling through, they might very well mistake you for part of the scenery.

Get romantic in an alleyway. Photo: on Reddit