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By Andrea Lo | April 13th, 2016

First dates are nerve-wracking, awkward affairs. It doesn’t help when you’re with a total creep who’s doing things that range from odd and uncomfortable to downright rude. Read on to see just how many of these you’ve experienced on a first date.

1. You arrive to find your date hitting on the bartender. And they don’t stop when you get there.

Credit: giphy.com
Oh my! Have I interrupted something? Credit: giphy.com

2. You are dressed to the nines while your date is in a T-shirt and jeans.

Credit: Giphy.com
Really worried about that first impression, eh? Credit: Giphy.com

3. The first thing your date asks: “So which gym do you go to?” This is just never going to work out between us.

Credit: Giphy.com
Let me stop you right there. Credit: Giphy.com

4. After returning from the bathroom, your date says, “I missed you!”

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You don’t say… Credit: Giphy.com

5. Your date plays on their phone while you wait for drinks. And invites you to play Candy Crush on Facebook. While you’re sitting there. 

Credit: Giphy.com
Let’s talk. About anything. Even Candy Crush. Anything at all. Credit: Giphy.com

6. Mid-date, your date tells you that they have plans to meet friends. You are “more than welcome” to come join, but we all know that really means “please don’t come.”

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It’s been real. Really terrible. Credit: Giphy.com

7. They tell you all about their gorgeous ex while staring into the distance longingly.

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Check please? Credit: Giphy.com

8. Your date orders oysters and champagne. When the bill comes, they wait awkwardly for you reach for your wallet.

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I would have been happy with hot dogs and fries. Credit: Giphy.com

9. Your date has an “emergency” and needs to leave right away. But the only emergency here is this terrible first date.

Credit: Giphy.com
Peace out! Credit: Giphy.com