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By Lulu Jeh | December 6th, 2015

Dear Lulu Jeh: My girlfriend is painfully long-winded. I don’t mind at all, but she met my parents at a banquet for the first time at dim sum last month and it didn’t go well.

She said my mom cut her off mid-sentence and seemed to zone out when she was talking. I told her to not take it personally — but the truth is my parents are incredibly impatient people. How do I reconcile the situation without offending anyone? — Polar Opposites

Dear PO: There’s no easy way out of this one. You’ll have to diffuse the bomb before the explosion, especially if you want this relationship to work. You’re not even married yet, and your ah ma ah ba and your other half already can’t communicate? Imagine the terrors when you are hitched.

Sit your GF down and give it to her straight. Sure, maybe you can handle her digressions, but your parents have much shorter attention spans so she’ll need to change her style if she wants to communicate with them.

Then go to mom and pops, tell them you love this girl (do you?) and it would mean the world to you if they can just handle her chirpy nature like the mature grownups that they are. If this doesn’t work, head to the temple and pray for a miracle. — LuLu

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