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By Lulu Jeh | November 10th, 2015

Dear Lulu Jeh: I’m dating a white guy, and he hates Hong Kong food! I want to make him appreciate Chinese culture but it’s difficult when he thinks it’s all about greasy dishes or “gross” offal. How do I make him understand? — Anxious Food Lover

Dear Anxious Food Lover, under normal circumstances I would say you should dump his ass… But if you want to make it work, it’s not an impossible feat.

You can take him to restaurants that offer what I call a gentle introduction to Chinese food — think cha chaan tengs that serve up less intimidating dishes like soup noodles and rice, without a chicken foot in sight.

Soy sauce western restaurants like perennial Hong Kong tourist favorite Tai Ping Koon are also an option — try the famous “Swiss” sauce, made with a mix of western ingredients and Chinese infusions.

But the bigger question here is whether or not you actually want to be with someone who isn’t open to understanding your culture?

You might want to consider what his apathy actually says about his personality or his commitment level. Is he just not into food… or is he just not that into you? — Lulu

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