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By Lulu Jeh | March 31st, 2016

Dear Lulu Jeh: My mom walked in on me having sex. I’m scarred for life. She’s scarred for life. To make matters worse, my girlfriend is so embarrassed that she is now refusing to come over. What do I do? — Naked Fear

Dear NF, oh shit! I’m so sorry — that’s one hell of an awkward situation for everyone involved.

First things first, you have to accept that what has happened has already happened. The next step is to carry out some damage control.

Is it safe to assume that you’re living at your mom’s house? If so, you should probably apologize, even though it doesn’t feel like it’s your fault. You’re under her roof, after all. And no matter how old you are, it’s never comfortable for a parent to walk in on you in the act.

Did she knock before entering? Do your best to talk to her about privacy at home. Even if it did happen at hers, ask your mom to understand that you are an adult and would like your privacy to be respected. Even if your space is just a teeny tiny square, you need that to be a safe zone to be an adult, in a relationship.

As for your girlfriend refusing to come over — that’s a perfectly normal reaction. Would you want to show up the day after if you were at her place? She just needs some time, which you’d probably appreciate too.

Oh, and get a lock installed, stat! — Lulu

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