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By Yannie Chan | January 13th, 2016

Have a crush on your best friend but can’t tell if the feeling’s reciprocated? We have a few uniquely Hong Kong signs that you’re probably stuck in the friend zone.

1. When it comes to texting, they don’t even bother with full sentences — it’s all Chinglish like “hai ah,” “ho ah.”

Dog Texting GIF
Mmk kinda bzy atm. via

2. They’re not willing to cross the harbor to hang out with you. “Uggh, it’s too far away.”

Photo: Wikipedia commons.
Crossing the harbour is tough. Photo: Wikipedia commons.

3. You’re always the one going to their neighborhood, never the other way round. RUDE.

“Mind coming to Tseung Kwan O?”

“Nah, why don’t you come here again?”

Train Ride GIF
Ughhh you suck. Fine. via

4. When you go hotpotting, they never remember your favorite ingredients. It’s still bean curd and chicken… like every other time…

Eating Crying Lonely GIF
I thought you knew me. via

5. They never offer you the last fishball, egg puff or stinky tofu.

Photo: bryan... / Flickr
What happened to sharing is caring? Photo: Bryan… / Flickr CC

6. You’ve never had desserts soup, tong sui 糖水, together after dinner. All heartfelt conversations start during tong sui and continue into the night.

Photo: Richard, enjoy my life! / Flickr
I just want you to be my sweetie. Photo: Richard, enjoy my life! / Flickr CC

7. They’ve never almost missed the last train or the last bus to spend more time with you.

Running Tripping Falling GIF
Just one more second! Via

8. Despite going out together regularly, you almost never make an appearance on their Instagram.

Taylor Swift Look GIF
WTF man! Via

9. You’ve never boiled telephone congee 煲電話粥, aka talked on the phone for hours. It’s the way many romances begin…

Telephone Annoyed GIF
Can’t you just text me? Via