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By Kate Springer | January 26th, 2016

Ever wondered about the story behind Egyptian tea, French wine or Chinese cutting boards? The Tao Heung Foods of Mankind Museum has a lengthy list of foodie factoids and all kinds of cooking paraphernalia.

Originally located in Fanling, the quirky museum closed down for a spell in 2005 but eventually found a new home in Shatin.

The nearly 1,000 exhibits have been organized based on types of food and drink, including a coffee corner, tea exhibition, French restaurant, fresh food samples, and model kitchens from far-flung cultures.

Every once and a while there’s a cooking class where guests can try their hand at chocolate or sausage — now that’s our kind of history lesson.

1/F, 13 Au Pui Wan Street, Sha Tin, 3960-6213.