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By Yannie Chan | February 14th, 2016

Working in a Hong Kong office? You can probably identify with a few of these unique pros and cons.

1. It’s 4pm, which means it’s time for a snack. There’s nothing more satisfying than a mid-afternoon egg tart or chicken tart!

Egg tart. Yay! Credit:
Egg tart! YES! Credit:

2. Even when Hong Kong’s at its coldest, the aircon is still blasting Arctic air above your head. And in the summertime? You best bring a sweater.

It's cold outside but it's even colder inside. Credit:
It’s cold outside but it’s even colder inside. Credit:

3. When you turn off the aircon, the guy across the hall gets up and turns it back on five minutes later. Oh yeah, guy? Game on.

Open the window! Credit:
FFS it’s freezing! Credit:

4. Even if you are considering quitting, you stick it out through Chinese New Year because lai see and/or CNY bonus.

Kung Hey Fat Choy. Credit:
Woot woot! Kung Hey Fat Choy! Oh, and I quit. Credit:

5. Whenever any holiday rolls around, all of a sudden you’re spending more time at team lunches and dinners than in the office.

AWESOME. Credit:
AWESOME. Credit:

6. But then your boss calls a meeting at 5pm the day before Chinese New Year…

No shit. Credit:
No shit. Credit:

7. When your work wife brings you Australian Diary Company sandwiches for breakfast. ILU <3

I love my breakfast. Credit:
I love you almost as much as this sandwich. Credit:

8. Your colleagues always have snack drawers filled to the brim with delicious Japanese and Korean snacks from 759 — or a recent holiday.

All these snacks! Credit:
Amaaaazingggg! Credit:

9. The restlessness you feel when a big typhoon is about to hit town. Will it be No. 8 or what??? *Refreshes Hong Kong Observatory app for the 100th time*

I'm watching you. Credit:
I’m watching you. Credit:

10. And the ANXIETY when a Typhoon No. 8 hits and you don’t know when it will go away. It could be days!

DON'T. Credit:

11. Accidentally texting the wrong team WhatsApp group about your late-night shenanigans only to realize that your BOSS is on the thread.

NOOOOOO. Credit:
NOOOOOO. Credit: