The Best Of Hong Kong
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By Yannie Chan | February 14th, 2016

Working in a Hong Kong office? You can probably identify with a few of these unique pros and cons.

1. It’s 4pm, which means it’s time for a snack. There’s nothing more satisfying than a mid-afternoon egg tart or chicken tart!

Egg tart. Yay! Credit: www.giphy.com
Egg tart! YES! Credit: www.giphy.com

2. Even when Hong Kong’s at its coldest, the aircon is still blasting Arctic air above your head. And in the summertime? You best bring a sweater.

It's cold outside but it's even colder inside. Credit: www.giphy.com
It’s cold outside but it’s even colder inside. Credit: www.giphy.com

3. When you turn off the aircon, the guy across the hall gets up and turns it back on five minutes later. Oh yeah, guy? Game on.

Open the window! Credit: www.giphy.com
FFS it’s freezing! Credit: www.giphy.com

4. Even if you are considering quitting, you stick it out through Chinese New Year because lai see and/or CNY bonus.

Kung Hey Fat Choy. Credit: www.giphy.com
Woot woot! Kung Hey Fat Choy! Oh, and I quit. Credit: www.giphy.com

5. Whenever any holiday rolls around, all of a sudden you’re spending more time at team lunches and dinners than in the office.

AWESOME. Credit: www.giphy.com
AWESOME. Credit: www.giphy.com

6. But then your boss calls a meeting at 5pm the day before Chinese New Year…

No shit. Credit: www.giphy.com
No shit. Credit: www.giphy.com

7. When your work wife brings you Australian Diary Company sandwiches for breakfast. ILU <3

I love my breakfast. Credit: www.giphy.com
I love you almost as much as this sandwich. Credit: www.giphy.com

8. Your colleagues always have snack drawers filled to the brim with delicious Japanese and Korean snacks from 759 — or a recent holiday.

All these snacks! Credit: www.giphy.com
Amaaaazingggg! Credit: www.giphy.com

9. The restlessness you feel when a big typhoon is about to hit town. Will it be No. 8 or what??? *Refreshes Hong Kong Observatory app for the 100th time*

I'm watching you. Credit: www.youtube.com
I’m watching you. Credit: www.youtube.com

10. And the ANXIETY when a Typhoon No. 8 hits and you don’t know when it will go away. It could be days!

DON'T. Credit: www.giphy.com
DON’T EVER LEAVE US. Credit: www.giphy.com

11. Accidentally texting the wrong team WhatsApp group about your late-night shenanigans only to realize that your BOSS is on the thread.

NOOOOOO. Credit: www.giphy.com
NOOOOOO. Credit: www.giphy.com