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By Yannie Chan | August 31st, 2015

Spring 2016 is jam-packed with concerts coming to Hong Kong, including performances from veteran Cantopop band The Wynners over Chinese New Year between February 6 and 13, Madonna on February 17, Mika on February 22, Death Cab for Cutie on March 1, and Bon Iver on March 8.

It’s not a Hong Kong concert without some awkward dancing, LED signs, and screaming teenage fans. Yep, sounds about right! Here are a few more telltale signs you’re at a Hong Kong concert.

1. The Hong Kong Coliseum feels more like a laser light show… 

Credit: jaaacky / Flickr
Credit: jaaacky / Flickr

2. Before the concert starts, everyone’s sitting down calmly as if they’re about to watch a documentary. 

Awkward Moment Dancing GIF

3. Instead of dancing, people awkwardly bob up and down. 

Awkward Dance Gif

4. You can’t concentrate on the singers because everyone’s holding LED signs that say:”I LOVE YOU [INSERT CANTOPOP STAR ] MARRY ME!” 

Credit: novalei / Flickr
Photo: Novalei / Flickr


5. You also can’t hear the songs, because a fervent fan club is screeching the lyrics at deafening decibels. 

Loud GIF
Seriously, though. We are too old for this shit. via

6. Momentary lulls are filled with “EASOOOON” and “I LOOOOOVE YOU”.

Death Love Gif
We are meant to be together! Via

7. The person next to you is snapping away with a DSLR, and then magically selling his pics right after the show. 


8. The singers shout, “Hello people at the mountain top seats!” and the video pans to your confused face.

Credit: See-ming Lee / Flickr
Credit: See-ming Lee / Flickr CC

9. You leave the three-hour concert full of energy… 

Jumping GIF
Yay music! via

10. … And then you see the taxi line. 

Superman Defeated GIF
But how on earth will I get home? via

11. But at least you’ll have dreams of the mesmerizing Hong Kong Coliseum ’til next time

Credit: Donald Chan / Flickr
Photo: Donald Chan / Flickr CC