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By Andrea Lo | May 11th, 2016

It seems like every other person in Hong Kong went abroad for university. If you spent your college years in the UK, you might remember a thing or two…

1. Fresher’s week didn’t appeal to you as much as everyone else, because you started dancing on the bar at Carnegie’s years ago.

Dance GiF
Check out deez moves, son. Credit:

2. You seized every opportunity to go to Chinatown in London for sub-par dim sum and overpriced wonton noodles.

Eating GIF
NOM NOM NOM. Credit:

3. During winter holidays you basked in glorious 20°C heat, while everyone else wore down jackets.

Everyone else:

Snow Cold Gif
If it gets any colder, I’m moving Beyond the Wall. Credit:


Beach Dancing GIF
It’s so HOT here. AMI right? Credit:

4. When you came home for the holidays, you were sick every damn day.

Sick GIF
I think Hong Kong is giving me diseases. Credit:

5. You used to bulk-buy Cup Noodles and Chinese snacks to bring back to school with you. Sometimes you overpacked…

Suitcase GIF
Lunch = sorted. Credit:

6. Your slang is on point and you learn to hurl English insults like a native speaker.

Ugly Face GIF
See what I did there? Credit:

7. Every time you came back to visit to Hong Kong, you started complaining about pollution, space, and the ugly concrete buildings.

Ugly GIF
Why is everything so hideous? Credit:

8. Now that you’re back in Hong Kong, you rely on your British friends to bring you English chocolate.

Food Willy Wonka GIF
Why is it sooo good? Credit: