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By Kate Springer | January 27th, 2016

Finally! Netflix has launched around the world, including Hong Kong — or pretty much everywhere except China and North Korea. We’re taking the winter weather as an excuse to catch up on everything we’ve missed, especially these talked-about shows. Get comfortable!

Making a Murderer

This chilling thriller was filmed over 10 years, following the complicated case of Steven Avery, a man in middle America who is charged with murder. Making a Murderer traces a years-long case that sees every kind of inconsistency, from lying family members, to bullying investigators, dishonest law enforcement and weak alibis from Avery. At the end of each episode, you’re left scratching your head. Is he innocent? Or did he commit a sick and grisly crime? How can anyone be sure?

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

After a stint as a superheroine, Jessica Jones changes course and starts over as a private investigator. She sets out to help those with exceptional abilities but finds herself investigating seriously dark issues.

Master of None

As the star of comedy-drama Master of None, Aziz Ansari is down-to-earth, hilarious and completely in touch with modern issues. Each episode centers around an issue, be it third culture conundrums, the dangers of moving in with your significant other, or being asked to propel Indian stereotypes on TV.

Better Call Saul

Who knew that sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman would be worthy of his own series? We were skeptical about the offshoot from Breaking Bad, but it’s proven to hold its own, with Slippin’ Jimmy falling into some not-so-law-abiding circumstances. Originally aired on AMC, the show just joined the Netflix family so tune in to catch up on Season 1.

Black Mirror

Whoa. This show is a mind trip. The Netflix original series is an extension of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, a dystopian drama originally aired in the UK that’s been compared with The Twilight Zone. To give you an idea of what to expect: literally anything goes as long as it comes back to a dark take on our relationship with technology. One of the opening episodes sees a fictional prime minister fornicate with a pig, while later episodes feature Jon Hamm as a digital pickup artist.

And coming up?

Sorry, Games of Thrones fans: the show won’t be appearing on Netflix this spring. However, here are a few winners that are worth a watch.

March 4: House of Cards

The ruthless and endlessly ambitious Underwoods are masterminding even more drama in the American political area in the fourth season, debuting March 4. It’s politics at its best — or shall we say worst?

March 18: Marvel’s Daredevil

Coming back from Season 2, critically acclaimed Marvel’s Daredevil is bringing more action-packed adventure as Matt Murdock, blinded as a young boy, works double-time as a lawyer by day and superhero by night.

June 17: Orange is the New Black

The ladies in orange are back, bringing with them hilarious anecdotes, poignant memories and lots of sexy scenes.