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By Yannie Chan | March 28th, 2016

Being a uni student was so much fun… especially if you went to the University of Hong Kong. HKU kids had their own lingo, rituals, and ate an obscene amount of tui fahn. If you understand these nostalgic memories, then you are probably a proud HKU alumnus.

1. You speak the HKU lingo: ho chur ah, su ng su, ho that pey, jib…

…And when you accidentally slip one out during conversations with family and other friends, they act like you’re speaking alien.

What's this word coming out of your mouth?? Credit: Giphy
What’s this word coming out of your mouth?? Credit: Giphy

2. You were intimidated by seniors (dai seen/大仙), especially those in residential halls and committees. Some seemed to have a ridiculously rigid notion of what a good uni student should be.

I'm sorry? Credit: Giphy
I’m sorry? Credit: Giphy

3. But you also met at least one super caring and intelligent senior who got you through orientation camps, class enrollment, jong* / hall drama, heartbreaks and so much more.

Thanks for your support
Thanks for everything <3

*jong: an endearing term for student committees such as the English Society, Film Society, and the Arts Association.

4. “Campaign meetings,” which were held before you could officially become a committee member for an association or club, involved continuous questioning for three to seven days STRAIGHT.

LET ME OUT. Credit: Giphy
LET ME OUT. Credit: Giphy

5. Eating $10 “sad rice” (tui fahn/頹飯). Those in-the-know went to Swire Canteen because it has the best-tasting tui fahn.

No money for better food. Credit:
No money for better food. Tear. Credit:

6. Rushing to Swire Canteen after your afternoon class because those CRUNCHY, JUICY fried chicken legs run out super fast.


7. Okay, admit it, you typecasted your peers based on their halls and committees.

So did everyone else probably... Credit:
So did everyone else probably… Credit:

8. Even if you’ve never chanted “dem cheers*”, you’ve “dem” them out loud by yourself in your dorm room. They’re always stuck in your head!


Those were really catchy ma... Credit:
Those were really catchy ma… Credit:

*Dem cheers: a term believed to be the short form for “demonstration of cheers,” which refers to moments when hall members sing or chant these cheerleading songs.

9. You feared every visit to the infamous Sun Uncle (太陽伯伯), the grumpy and foul-mouthed man who operates the printing shop just opposite to HKU’s East Gate.

Above: Sun Uncle's life motto. Credit: Giphy
Sun Uncle’s life motto. Credit: Giphy

10. You have taken a set of super elaborate photos in the beautiful Main Building. You did, like, a million poses.

I'm fabulous and I want some fantastic photos please. Credit:
I’m fabulous and I want some fantastic photos, please. Credit:

11. You remember spending a late night on campus and sharing ghost stories with each other…

You're lying if you say you weren't the least bit scarend. Credit:
You’re lying if you say you weren’t the least bit scared. Credit:

12. Since you got 30 percent off of any Starbucks purchase in Uni, you get an internal shock every time you buy Starbucks IRL.

Why so expensive? Credit: Giphy
Why so expensive? Credit: Giphy

13. You’d obviously vote NO to Arthur Li as chairman of HKU. Just NO.

Really not cool lor. Photo: Giphy
Really not cool lor. Photo: Giphy

14. You used to line up for a superpass fruit (勁過果), which blesses you with a 3.0 GPA or higher. Naturally.

Superpass fruit - the ultimate examinations lucky charm.
Superpass fruit: the ultimate examination lucky charm. And it’s edible too!