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By Michelle Chan | February 23rd, 2023

Free money, that’s one thing we don’t mind coming towards us all the time. Starting from April, eligible Hong Kong residents will receive HK$5,000 to spend, all on the government’s tab. Oh, and cheers if you got that motherlode reference.

Consumption vouchers were invented in post-Covid Hong Kong to boost local economy and business growth, a measure of which many of us Hongkongers are huge fans. So it is definitely understandable that discussion on whether the cash handout would return has caused quite a stir before Finance Secretary Paul Chan’s 2023 budget speech.

Rest easy that the consumption vouchers are making a comeback later this year, albeit downsized to half the amount we’re used to. Eligible Hong Kong permanent residents and new arrival aged 18 or above will receive HK$3,000 this April and another HK$2,000 in a later month, totaling at HK$5,000 depositable to the designated digital wallet of your choice.

As Hong Kong is opening back up to the rest of the world, Paul Chan trusts that giving out HK$5,000 will help, but is hesitant to keep it a recurrent measure.

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