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By Phoebe Cheng | November 17th, 2015

Stop everything you’re doing right now — this is important. In the age-old brunch vs. dim sum debate, dim sum has emerged victorious. And we have a steamer basket full of reasons why…

1. There’s so much more variety. Opening a dim sum menu is like…

Book Dim Sum GIF

…while a brunch menu is like

Read A Book, Beauty and the Beast GIF

2. Dim Sum is basically the best hangover food EVER

Cat Chopstick Feeding GIF

3. Har gau are adorable AND delicious. Seriously, just look at all that pearly shrimpy glory!

Photo: Nate Robert/Flickr
Photo: Nate Robert/Flickr

4. Dim sum cures hangovers, while boozy brunches just cause new ones. And you don’t need anymore of those…

Chef Ratatouille Funny GIF

5. Dim sum portions are small so you can eat a tonnnn

No Face Gif
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6. The constant effort to flag down a waitress helps you burn off that siu mai, so you can eat more

Cat Dancing GIF

7. You’re taking part in age-old rituals like rinsing bowls and chopsticks, pouring tea…

Dim Sum GIF

8. When have you ever seen an animal-shaped eggs Benedict? Gudetama buns, say whaa?

9. You can go for dim sum on your own — no judgement. But solo brunch?

Shameful Dishonor GIF

10. Dim sum is like a history lesson. 5,000 years of civilization, baby!
Chinese Food GIF

11. Don’t forget the restorative power of pu’er tea. It cuts away all the grease, so you can do it all over again…

Thor Do it All Over Again GIF