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By Kate Springer | June 9th, 2016

There’s no faking it. We know where you were this weekend.

1. The day after a junk, you are physically incapable of responding to emails, Whatsapps, or any other form of electronic communication.

Hangover GIF. Credit: Giphy.com
Please just leave me aloneee. Credit: Giphy.com

2. You accidentally show up to work wearing flip flops. It might have gone unnoticed, but you have a sandal tan and a hard-to-miss sunglass tan.

Tan GIF. Credit: Giphy.com
What tan lines? I’m so tan. Credit: Giphy.com

3. Your skin’s peeling in all kinds of weird places, even your scalp.

Gross GIF. Credit: Giphy.com
Sorry. I am disgusting. Credit: Giphy.com

4. All of a sudden a bunch of random people start friending you on Facebook, LinkedIn and Snapchat. They look vaguely familiar…

Fabulous GIF. Credit: Giphy.com
Wow, I’m so popular! Credit: Giphy.com

5. Water is the only liquid you can bear to consume. And you need to drink all the waters in the room.

Red Wedding GIF. Credit: Giphy.com
Yeah, maybe skip the wine today. Credit: Giphy.com

6. The older office lady hands you an umbrella. BEGS you, with tears in her eyes, to use it next time you’re in the sun.

Sunburn GIF. Credit: Giphy.com
Shade? What’s that? Credit: Giphy.com

7. As the week goes on, you discover a handful of bruises, cuts and scrapes as well as mysteriously sore hips.

Dance GIF. Credit: Giphy.com
Were we, um, dancing or something? Credit: Giphy.com

8. You literally CANNOT get Justin Bieber out of your head. And yes, Justin, it’s too late to say sorry.

Screaming GIF. Credit: Giphy.com
For the love of god. Please have mercy. Credit: Giphy.com

9. Post-junk, you run home to order a large pizza. To share with no one. It doesn’t last long.

Horse Heart GIF. Credit: Giphy.com
Sorry, none for you. Credit: Giphy.com

10. Every five seconds your eyes start to close. Your boss walks by at the exact moment you snap back awake.

Cat GIF. Credit: Giphy.com
Just for a second… Credit: Giphy.com

11. You check your bank account, realize everyone actually transferred you junk money for once.

Money Dancing. Credit: Giphy.com
This is essentially free money, right? Credit: Giphy.com