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By Hannah Hodson | June 20th, 2016

Hong Kong breeds Third Culture Kids — virtually every person you meet here has lived in at least three other cities, talks with a quirky accent and holds at least two passports. Here’s how you know if you’re in the Third Culture Kid club.

1. Your accent is all over the place. People never know if you’re from America, Canada, Australia, England, Hong Kong — or a mix of all five.

What the hell are you saying? Ugh, I give up. via GIPHY

2. When someone asks, ‘Where are you from?’ there’s never a straight-forward answer. You take a seat, order a bottle of wine, and start from the beginning.

Well, how much time do you have? via GIPHY

3. You can work out currency exchanges quicker than TravelEx. And you always know when you’re getting ripped off.

High school math was a breeze. via GIPHY

4. You re-locate from country to country so often that you don’t know the meaning of packing light.

20 kilogram limit, you say? Um. Does this count? via GIPHY

5. You slip slang from other languages into conversations like it’s totes naturel.

And everyone else pretends to understand. via GIPHY

6. Your friendship circle is more culturally diverse than the United Nations.

For realz. via GIPHY

7. You can swear in at least eight different languages.

More like ‘d*u lei! via GIPHY

8. You never know who to cheer for during the Olympics, World Cup, Rugby Sevens, etc. It’s just so hard.

Go everyone! via GIPHY

9. You’re a master at calculating time differences and have friends in every time zone

You’re always up at ungodly hours for catch ups. FaceTime you at 7pm UTC? via GIPHY