The Best Of Hong Kong
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By Adele Wong | January 15th, 2016

Ever wondered why one minute you think you live in the best city in the world, and the next, you can’t wait to GTFO? It’s not you: turns out we live in a pretty bi-polar metropolis, if these stats are any indication. We explore your love-hate relationship with Hong Kong, explained by stats:

Hong Kong is a city of hard workers

We have an extremely low unemployment rate:

unemployment rate
Source: Census and Statistics Department, June-August 2015

…Out of a population of 7.3 million, that’s only about 240,000 poor mofos who don’t have jobs. Amazing by any standard!

But wait… there are MORE old people and FEWER young people working these days?!

Percentage of population in the workforce:

unemployment by age
Source: Census and Statistics Department, June-August 2015

Now that’s all kinds of fucked up.

You’ll probably live a long, long life

…Or 81.2 years old if you’re a male, and 86.9 years old if you’re a female. Must be something in the water. (Lead, perhaps?)

old age stat
Source: Census and Statistics Department, 2014


Dating SUCKS if you’re a woman, KICKS ASS if you’re a guy

Since 53.9% of the population are female, and only 46.1% of the population are male. That’s roughly a ratio of 12 women for every 10 men!

Male to female ratio hong kong
Source: Census and Statistics Department, 2015

Education is a luxury, not a right

Almost one fifth (19%) of the population only have primary school exposure, and more than half (51.2%) only have a high school degree. 

Together, that’s a whopping 70%, or 5.1 million people without the security of a university education. Shocking, for a supposedly first-world city.

graduation rate
Source: Census and Statistics Department, June-August 2015


But at least our government is loaded

As of July of last year, our fiscal reserves were an unbelievable $796.9 BILLION DOLLARS. (But seriously, why are we sitting on all this money?!)

government surplus
Source: Census and Statistics Department


Hong Kong’s salaries tax is extremely low

Most people in Hong Kong don’t need to pay more than 15% tax on their income. And even the richest don’t go over 17%. Capitalism at its best!

income tax
Source: Inland Revenue Department


House prices are insane

If you want to buy a 430-square-foot apartment on Hong Kong Island, expect to pay an average of $5.2 million dollars — and consider it a steal. To drive this home, that’s $12,093 per square foot (or about the size of a tile) that you’re paying.

Are you an owner? Kudos on a lucky investment! A buyer? Sucks to be you.

Source: Census and Statistics Department, 2014

But there’s still plenty of undeveloped land

Country Parks and Reserves make up 40% of Hong Kong’s 1,104-square-kilometer territory.

country parks
Source: Census and Statistics Department, 2014


With all these extremes, no wonder why we love Hong Kong one second, and hate it the next!