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By Kate Springer | July 25th, 2016

It’s lovely to go to the wet market on the weekends, but you can’t always pencil in time for a leisurely grocery trip — let alone a sit down meal. If you’re cooking at home or are keen to grocery shop on-the-go, here are a few online grocery delivery services in Hong Kong:


A newcomer from Singapore, honestbee launched in Hong Kong towards the end of 2015. The service promises same-day delivery on groceries from several stores including Fusion, GREAT, Gateway, Tramline Liquor, The Butchers Club, The Fresh Grower, and more — but the available stores may depend on where you live. Though sometime protein and veg are a bit limited, honestbee is still just about as convenient as it gets: most of the prices are the same as in store, and if anything is out of stock, honestbee offers a replacement service.

Delivery: Free delivery with $250 purchase, otherwise $60 fee applies. Daily 11am-10pm.

honestbee shopper on-the-go.

Jou Sun

Hong Kong-based startup Jou Sun has set out to bring market-fresh fruits and veggies to your door, along with lots of organic products and dried goods. As long as you order by noon, Jou Sun offers same-day delivery, which can be a lifesaver if you’re stuck at work or too busy to work in a trip to the market. Jou Sun focuses on fresh produce and proteins from local enterprises and mom-and-pop market stalls, so you can expect certified organic salad mix, kale, eggs, grass-fed angus, almond butter, almond milk and coconut water — in addition to more run-of-the-mill grocery products and household supplies.

Delivery: Free delivery with $250 purchase on Hong Kong Island. Varies for rest of Hong Kong. Otherwise, minimum delivery fee of $35, depending on where you live. Same-day delivery when ordered by noon.

jou sun
Jou Sun sources its veg from local farms.

Pacific Gourmet

If you’re craving a surf ‘n’ turf, then head over to Pacific Gourmet. The online shop sells poultry, beef, pork, lamb, sausages, and seafood alongside a selection of wines. They even throw in a free specialty rub by request to give the protein a little more character. All of the meat and seafood come fresh from Australia and Norway, guaranteeing quality cuts.

Delivery: Free with minimum $500 order in select areas. Check the zones on the website for details.

Butchers Club

Fans of Butchers Club Steak Frites will be excited to learn that the butchers deliver their premium proteins from the convenience of an online store. On the shopping list? Find 100-day dry-aged USDA  Prime ribeye steaks, AUS M5 wagyu sirloin, Berkshire pork belly with herb and apple stuffing, lamb racks, Irish pork sausages and more. If red meat’s not your jam, look for the premium tuna steaks, petite Canadian lobster tails, mahi mahi steaks and barramundi fillets. Top off your order with a much-loved bottle of Diemen’s hot sauce, Wilkin and Son tomato ketchup or black truffle oil. One of the best features, though is The Ultimate Burger Pack, which will help out at your next barbecue.

Delivery: Free shipping for orders of $1,000 and above. Otherwise, $100 to $200 charge, depending on spend. Same-day delivery available for orders placed before 9am. Delivers to most areas of Hong Kong, but limited in New Territories.

Butchers Club Online Shop2_Fotor
Butchers Club bring steak to your door

Good Chow

It’s all about steak, all the time at Good Chow. But not just any kind of steak: It has to be Premier USDA beef with grain-finished marbling for maximum flavor, tenderness, vitamins and minerals. The online store has a pick-up location on Hollywood Road, or you can wait two to three days for delivery. All of Good Chow’s beef comes in portion-sized Cryovac bags to enable bigger purchases and lower prices.

Delivery: Free for orders over $500, otherwise $50 charge. Usually takes 2 to 3 days, or you can pick up. Delivers to majority of Hong Kong. Express service available.

Homegrown Foods

From fruit and vegetable baskets to gourmet teas, organic eggs and pasta, Homegrown Foods has taken sustainable agriculture and responsible grocery shopping to the next level. The shop only works with local organic farms in the New Territories for its produce, and partners with quality boutique brands for its dried ingredients and snacks. Owned by restaurateur Todd Darling, this the same company who supplies restaurants such as Linguini Fini, Stone Nullah Tavern and Posto Pubblico.

Delivery: Free delivery with orders of $458 or more. Otherwise subject to $100 delivery fee.

Homegrown Foods
Homegrown Foods sources its vegetables from local farms


Italians and Europhiles will appreciate the home delivery options from ilBelPaese. This gourmet specialist flies in artisanal ingredients, such as premium olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh mozzarella, caviar, tomato sauces, pasta, hand-selected cheese, soup and lots more besides.

Delivery: ilBelPaese conveniently ships to most of Hong Kong, with a shopping calculator on the site. Shipping is free for orders of $500 or more, otherwise it’s $100 per order on Hong Kong Island.

Anything But Salads

It’s not exactly going to fulfill day-to-day cooking needs, but Anything But Salads answers a demand for nutrient-dense snacks and beverages among health-conscious diners and those with dietary restrictions. The specialty online shop, which also has a brick-and-mortar outpost in Tai Ping Shan, stocks dried berries, herbal teas, cacao butter, lingonberry powder, cacao nibs, Rawnola, raw cacao truffle balls, Nuts n’ Berries snacks, flax crackers and more.

Delivery: Free for orders over $400, otherwise flat rate of $55. Check site for delivery to your neighborhood.

Anything But Salads - Red Rawnola
Red Rawnola from Anything But Salads

It’s pretty much what you’d expect at — a carnivore’s paradise.  Look for organic free-range chicken, fresh veggies, herbs, and lots and lots of beef. The majority of the beef is Black Angus grass-fed cattle, but there are also handy steak packs should you be cooking for a group and roasted joints for special occasions. The website’s organic chicken is flown in from Australia, and sold whole, diced, minced, or frozen.

Delivery: Free delivery in select areas for orders over $500. Also an option for express delivery. Delivers to Hong Kong Island, New Territories and some outlying islands.