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By Yannie Chan | November 16th, 2015

Hong Kong Homies is a series where we get deep real fast with Hongkongers.

Xero Chan and Sunday, Bubble artists and performers, 30s

On Work
Xero: I introduced bubble art to Hong Kong after noticing that it was getting popular around the world. No one was doing bubble performances at the time. Bubbles have a magical effect — it turns everyone into a child, no matter the age. We have performed for indigenous villagers in Mui Wo, and they had so much fun — some even stood on top of the table. Getting the right soap for bubbles is tricky. You need a different consistency for different bubble sizes, as well as for different weather! Sometimes when I’m in the shower, I’m testing ways to make bubbles from shampoo.

For a while, whenever I was in the shower, I was mostly obsessively making bubbles from shampoo.

On Life
Sunday: I actually don’t like performing bubble art. There are many other things that will affect your performance — the wind, the humidity, the temperature. I don’t enjoy the process. I like to be in control. That’s also why I love magic, because it’s a craft, really. You practice, and practice, and practice, and you get better at your craft. That’s the beauty of magic to me.

Bubble artist Sunday
Bubble artist Sunday

On Friendship
Xero: Sunday and I are partners and have been for years. We have never had a disagreement before. Once, many years ago, he was travelling in Paris and he gave me a call, asking that I join him. I unceremoniously said, “okay,” and bought a ticket right after the phone call. We went on an epic trip around Europe, performing magic tricks on the streets. It sounds so romantic now that I’m saying it out loud, but it’s not!