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By Kate Springer | February 23rd, 2016

We live among mountains, infinite stairs, and human obstacle courses. We’re practically inside a steam room with the insufferable humidity come summertime. There’s almost no reason at all to join a gym in Hong Kong with these naturally occurring fat-blasting opportunities.

1. Dinner at Yardbird. Have you tallied up all the steps up to Bridges Street? There are like 300 stairs in every single chicken skewer. And they’re worth every step.

Food Stars Gif
So close to CHICKEN BALLS! Credit:

2. Race walking in the rain. Whoever has the most eyeballs left at the end of the day wins!

Mickey Mouse Rain Umbrella GIF
Sorry, Mickey, Maybe next time. Credit:

3. Shopping at Ikea. Pull out your Muay Thai moves when someone steals the last bath mat. No sitting on the couches, dammit. That’s cheating.

Muay Thai GIF
That throw pillow? ALL MINE! Credit:

4. Riding a mini bus? Stabilize your abs as the driver races around the next sharp turn. And the next. And the next.

Driving Crazy GIF
Are we there yet? Credit:

5. Escalator rebellion: “Stand still, don’t walk?” Sorry lady, we’re going up, then down, then up again. Repeat x 3.

Escalator Dog Funny GIF
And we’re off! Credit: 

6. Lend a hand on the Sai Ying Pun dried seafood streets. They always need help tossing bags of fish maw around if the piles on the sidewalk are any indication.

Throwing Stuff GIF
Mmmhmm bring the rage. Credit: 

7. There’s a reason those shirtless homies pushing carts in the street look so ripped. Grab an empty cart, push it straight into the path of a pedestrian nearby, and voilà: 10-minute abs!

Kid Cart Pushing GIF
Being a dick is part of the exercise. Credit: