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By Kate Springer | May 30th, 2016

We know we have it pretty good in Hong Kong, but you don’t know just how good until you take the metro or try to pay your taxes in a 7-Eleven in another country. Here are a few of the ways Hong Kong spoils you rotten for life!

1. Who actually walks up hills? Don’t you have escalators for that sort of thing?

Escalator GIF
Here we go now! Credit:

2. Our MTR is faster than yours. No doubt about it.

Mario GIF
Go Mario, go! Credit:

3. Taxes? What are those?

Money GIF
Make it rain, yo! Credit:

4. We have sooo many kinds of instant noodles. Seriously, they are like the cornerstone of our civilization.

Noodles GIF
Did someone say noodles?

5. We never clean up after ourselves. For better or worse, our trash and debris magically disappears overnight.

Oh here, let me get that for you. Credit:

6. Getting a foot massage once a week is totally normal.

Justin Bieber GIF
We belieber in daily massages. Credit:

7. And our taxis automatically open the door for us. Awww, why thank you!

Eating GIF
You shouldn’t have. Credit:

8. It takes all of 15 seconds to dust our apartments. Because they’re just so small.

Cockroach GIF
How’d these little dudes get up here? Credit:

9. Ikea delivers and assembles. Who says 50 percent of Ikea trips have to end in divorce?

Ikea GIF
Honey, let’s go back to IKEA and cuddle on a couch. Credit: