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By Andrea Lo | January 5th, 2017

Hong Kong 30 Under 30 2016

Founder, Body Banter

Steph Ng is the founder of Body Banter, an online forum that advocates positive body image. It encourages users to upload videos sharing thoughts on anything from eating disorders to the overwhelming physical ideals imposed on young people, particularly in Asia.

“The story started with my own personal struggle with an eating disorder, which is the reason why this project is so close to my heart,” says Hong Kong-raised Ng, who’s currently a student at Tufts University in the US.

“I knew that I never wanted anyone to ever have to suffer the same way — and felt a deep sense of responsibility to do what I could to make a difference, whether big or small.”

Body Banter was launched in summer 2016. Introductory videos in English, Cantonese and Mandarin are featured, which Ng created in order to reach a greater audience and to make it a more accessible platform.

“Weight and body shape are such salient topics of discussion in Hong Kong society, and the perpetuation of current ideals will take some time to halt and modify,” Ng says. “However, the rate of social change always surprises me, especially when people take the initiative and are really willing to play their roles in making a difference.”

She hopes to promote it further in the community and encourage more submissions.

Her very first job? Ng is currently working in her first job as a fitness instructor at Tufts Students Resources.