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By Andrea Lo | December 6th, 2015

Hong Kong 30 Under 30 2015

Founder, Coastal Fitness Performance Training (CFPT)

Former Hong Kong rugby player Ed Haynes set up Coastal Fitness Performance Training in 2009 while he was still playing for the Hong Kong international rugby team.

“Coaching and personal training has always been my true passion, and I knew that if I wanted to grow my business, I would have to stop playing rugby.”

As head of performance and programming at CFPT, Haynes takes on up to a dozen training sessions per week. He is also one of the top CrossFit competitors in the region: in the 2014 CrossFit Open, he came 29th in Asia.

“I’d definitely say that I’m somewhat a workaholic — and that’s because I love what I do. In the early years of CFPT, I would work 16 hour days, seven days a week!”

His very first job? Haynes was sports coach at 16, working with young kids.

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