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By Kate Springer | November 23rd, 2015

Hong Kong 30 Under 30 2015

Founder, Float On Hong Kong; SUP Yoga

In 2013, Canadian Dee Cheung founded SUP Yoga with business partner Nadine Bubner to offer a quirky concept: yoga classes on stand-up paddleboards. The health and wellness specialist has continued to innovate, bringing new concepts and ideas to Hong Kong.

This year, Cheung launched Float On Hong Kong, offering a “sensory deprivation” experience via a “DreamPod,” which is filled with epsom salt and magnesium in water, mimicking a zero-gravity environment.

Dee Cheung
Things come full circle

It’s a cool experience: while nestled within the cocoon-like pod, your body is meant to feel weightless and your muscles are able to relax. “Let’s face it, everyone is stressed out. No one is taking time out to slow down as a way to perform better.”

Cheung says that floating is the perfect avenue to recharge and “recognize just how noisy your head can be, without all the other daily stimulations.”

Her very first job? Cheung worked at family-owned deli in Toronto.

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