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By Andrea Lo | December 3rd, 2015

Hong Kong 30 Under 30 2015

Founder and CEO, Hybrid Group

When Charlz Ng moved back to Hong Kong three years ago after almost a decade in the UK, he worked as an assistant marketing manager for a fashion brand — while also becoming a PR at a nightclub in order to expand his network.

When I returned, I barely had any friends here. I went to work in the day, worked until late in nightclubs, attended networking sessions, and made conversation with strangers on the street,” Ng recalls.

Not long after, he launched event promoting agency EDM Freaks. After a year, Ng felt like a piece of puzzle was missing, and the company merged with other experienced partners to form Hybrid Group.

Since then, Hybrid has produced some of the biggest parties and most interesting events in the city, ranging from DJ Tiesto to Offgridan overnight camping experience that banned phones and other electronic devices in favor of healthy activities like muay thai and yoga.

“My biggest accomplishment is not the large number of people attending our events, or the money made,” he says. “It is witnessing the coming together of community that we have had the power to create.”

His very first job? Ng was a shop assistant at Hollister.

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