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By The Loop HK Staff | December 17th, 2015



How They Do It

We’ve asked the 30 Under 30 where they live, how much they sleep and what they’re reading. Here are the results.

Where Do They Live?

West Side Story: Nearly a third of the 30 Under 30 live in the Western District, while the second most popular areas are Wan Chai and Causeway Bay.



How Many Hours Do They Sleep?

Seven’s Heaven: Sounds like seven hours of sleep is the magic number! Twelve out of 30 participants reported they sleep around seven hours a night on average. Meanwhile, about a third of the respondents said they sleep less than six hours a night.



The Ultimate Reading List

Read a Book: Or 10! Our 30 Under 30 suggested their all-time favorite books as well as what’s on their nightstand right now. Click here for a shortlist of 10 inspiring reads for budding entrepreneurs.

Library. Photo: Zhu/Flickr
Photo: Zhu/Flickr