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By Andrea Lo | October 12th, 2016

Brand new luxury foot spa The Right Spot has just opened up its 2,000-square-foot digs on Stanley Street, offering a range of massage treatments perfect for the time-poor, stressed out urbanite.

Stepping into the space, you’ll find a dozen leather chairs catering to foot massages; four private rooms for full-body treatments; and a further three stands for those looking for a head and shoulder rub-down. There’s a strong emphasis on personalized service here: talk to the acupressure massage-trained therapists about your likes, dislikes or any injuries sustained in the past, and they’ll remember exactly what you’re after on your future visits.

The Right Spot
The Right Spot

How does it feel? 

To give our readers an idea of what to expect, we tried out the body and foot massage combo courtesy of The Right Spot. Grabbing a spot in the dimly lit space, we sat down first to a foot massage — which kicks off with a soak in a warm tub of water, complete with bath bomb. The tension-relieving massage was a soothing treatment that hit all the nooks and crannies around the ankles as well as between the toes and on the ball of the foot — a frequent source of pain from wearing heels. We then settled into one of the private rooms for a full-body treatment. Targeting problem areas that we highlighted in a form filled out before treatment began (specifically, the upper back), our therapist was able to pinpoint sore points as well as muscles that were in need of relief. She explained that she would loosen up the nerves just below the neck as well as on the spine. Guilty of carrying huge bags, we were advised to refrain from doing so on the left shoulder in order to avoid further damage. 

What’s the damage?

Foot and body massages range from 50 minutes ($320/$420) and 75 minutes ($456/$599) to an all-out hour-and-20-minute session ($576/$756). Looking to hit all the right spots? Indulge yourself with a body and foot combo deal that starts at $522.

The Right Spot
The Right Spot

What else?

If you’re finding it hard to squeeze in time for a massage, The Right Spot also offers an express lunch alongside treatments, brought to you by some of the city’s favorite restaurants — think LKF Tower mainstay Lily & Bloom, and many more to come.

The spa also puts on a happy hour, offering boozy creations from 4:30pm to 8pm. Express lunches and happy hours are both available daily. Prefer to stay dry during your spa treatment? A range of complimentary drinks are on offer throughout the day — take your pick from herbal soups, detox water and tea.

Finally, all guests are treated to a complimentary wellness bag with goodies aplenty. Expect to find earphones, shoe bags, and even a surprise gift, which changes daily.

How to book?

Call / Whatsapp 6998-7768 or book online. 5/F, 20 Stanley Street, Central.

Written by The Loop for The Right Spot.