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By Jefferson Mendoza | July 31st, 2018

What’s it called? Gravity Ballet

What’s it all about? Gravity Ballet specializes in ballet lessons for adults. The ballet school was founded in 2009 by Taiwanese dancer Eve Yu, a former member of the Taiwan National Chamber Ballet Dance Company. As well as being a teacher, Yu also serves as the school’s principal.

Yu encourages everyone to join, as long as they have a passion for dancing. From there, she and her team of teachers are committed to helping their students reach their goals.

Miss Yu says some adults fear that they aren’t flexible enough, or that they should have had training since they were young to enjoy ballet. Still, she says that one shouldn’t think too much if they want to take ballet lessons. “Just do it,” she says.

Yu says there are many reasons why some adults choose to take ballet lessons. For some, it’s for personal growth or to keep fit, while others are there because they want to enter a famous international dance school. Gravity Ballet students also enter dance competitions.

The school offers four different levels, including beginners, intermediate 1 and 2, and professional. Lessons can be tailored, and its curriculum also includes soft and point shoes training. Gravity Ballet also offers lessons for kids.

Occasionally, Gravity Ballet invites international teachers to take a course so students get the benefit of different training experiences. Right now, students can register for Russian Vagona ballet classes with Victoria Vargas.

Where is it? 6/F, 33 Hollywood Road, Central; Room A, 7/F, Capri Building, 130 Austin Road, TST.

How much does it cost? From HK$150 for casual classes.

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