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By The Loop HK Staff | April 3rd, 2020

Restaurants have been closing left and right due to COVID-19 recently, and apparently establishments run by celebrity names are no exception. The latest closure is British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s presence in the city — not just one of his restaurants, but three.

Ramsay’s local partner, restaurant group Dining Concepts, sent out word that Maze Grill, Bread Street Kitchen and London House would all cease operations starting from April 1. Unlike other temporary closures in the city, these three are all permanent. The group cited business concerns due to the protests and COVID-19 as the reasons driving the decision.

Plane Food, run in partnership with food travel specialists SSP, is still in operation at the Hong Kong Airport, so expect a trek next time you’re hankering for some of Ramsay’s famous grub.

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