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By Shimron Singh | December 10th, 2022

It’s that time of the year again when Google Hong Kong reveals its Year in Search 2022 results, reflecting the topics that mattered to the city over the last 12 months. Topics that predominantly took over the top of the list were local and international news & affairs, with “vaccination appointment”, “John Lee Ka Chiu” and “Ukraine” taking the top spots on the Trending list. So let’s break down those results, shall we?

Pandemic, Local & Global News

Google Hong Kong top trending keywords
Photo: Google HK

With the fifth wave of the pandemic hitting Hong Kong, “Vaccination appointment” and “compulsory testing” became the top trending keywords. This was then followed by keywords relating to global conflicts & stories that shook the world with “Ukraine”, Shinzo Abe”, and “Climate change” coming up as the top three spots. Of course, we cannot forget the travesty that happened locally in Hong Kong with the “MIRROR Concert” taking the local trending spot as well.

Travel & Things to do

Google Hong Kong trending local hot spots
Photo: Google HK

As life started resuming in Hong Kong, the “Hong Kong Book Fair” became the most searched item on the Top Trending Local Hotspots chart. Popular local spots that recently opened were trending with “Hong Kong Palace Museum”, “Exhibition Centre Station” & “Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong” dominating the list. We all know that Hong Kong has a soft spot for Japan and its culture, so it made sense that 9 hotspots in Japan such as “Kyoto”, “Fukuoka” and “Tokyo” were popular travel destinations.

Google Hong Kong trending hotspots
Photo: Google HK

Gaming, Slangs & How to Cook?

Google Hong Kong Trending games
Photo: Google HK

Time spent gaming had increased during the pandemic as we were stuck indoors. 2022 was no exception as Hong Kongers turned to Google Search to learn more about a newly released game. “Elden Ring”, “Pokémon Legends: Arceus” and “Pretty Derby” took the top 3 spots on the Top Trending Game Walkthroughs chart.

Google Hong Kong Trending recipes
Photo: Google HK

We’ve all run into situations where we had to Google what a certain slang term meant, are we right? Well this year, most of us looked up what “NFT” meant as the rise of FinTech became a hot topic. Many of us also had to learn how to cook, with top trending recipes including “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall”, “Red Date Cake” and “Lo Hei”. I guess we’re trying to be the next MasterChef!

Did any of these trending topics come as a surprise to you?

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