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By Michelle Chan | November 20th, 2023

With the cold settled down for the season, now is quite the perfect time to gather with your friends around a campfire, strumming on your guitar and exchanging stories (of both the philosophical and paranormal sorts) over room temperature beer. We’ve handpicked eight of the best glamping spots in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, so you can just show up and not worry about overstuffing your backpack with essentials. Without further ado, let’s dive!


Nothing screams being one with nature more than napping under the shades of towering trees by the sounds of sea waves. That’s what 玫瑰海岸·海岛日记 is all about: have a well taken care of gourmet dinner with friends and family under the main tent, then retreat to your home of the night after a relaxing walk by the beach. When you wake up, the first thing stroking your consciousness will be the sound of seagulls squawking. Everything is so calm and peaceful, you’ll think about your returning trip before you leave your bed.

East Area, Rose Coast, Shenkui Road, Xichong Community, Kuichong Subdistrict, Longgang District, Shenzhen (深圳市龙岗区葵涌街道溪涌社区上洞村深葵路玫瑰海岸东区内)

Zhuye Holiday Camp (路客野奢度假营地)

Staying the night out and about doesn’t mean you have to compromise comfort. For beginner glampers and the pickiest of travelers alike, Zhuye Holiday Camp dials up the luxury with themed tents from industrial American to royal Moroccan, with a private pool in front of each “guesthouse”. When sun sets, expect nothing less than a bonfire party, outdoor barbecue, a backyard movie screening and something you definitely can’t do here in Hong Kong: your own fireworks show.

08 Sandu Bridge, Huanghua Town, Yingde Subdistrict, Qingyuan District, Guangdong (广东省清远英德市黄花镇三渡桥08号)

NatureLand View Campground (NatureLand望桐露营地)

Give your lungs a proper rest, stop by NatureLand View Campground and let its untainted countryside air cleanse your respiratory system. Better yet, unwind your mind by basking in the blue sky, white clouds and green pasture while sitting and doing nothing. Watch the mid day sun morph into a golden fireball heading westward and then replaced by shimming stars against the curtains of night; then head to catch some Zs in the cosy private tents. What a beautiful weekend.

101, 16-2 Chishuidong Village, Wutong Mountain Community, Donghu Neighborhood, Luohu District, Shenzhen (深圳罗湖区东湖街道梧桐山社区赤水洞村16-2号101室)


Want to camp by the sand? You absolutely can, 原乡野宿惠州海边营地 gets you all set with a tent and picnic mat that are steps away from the gentle sweeping waves — and of course, all you need to eat and drink is well prepared on the table. To make sure you can forget about your phone and live in the moment, this campsite also hosts outdoor grills, live music performances an group games, so your memories of this place will live in your mind rent-free (in a fantastic way).

Around 200m south from Xiazhang Village, Yingde Subdistrict, Qingyuan District, Guangdong (广东省英德市英城岩前下张村南约200米)



With a name such as “backyard”, 深圳后花园露营地 stays away from the hustle and bustle of the city so you can treat it as your second home in the suburbs. We’re talking lush landscapes and distant silhouettes of hills, plush pastures hugging your every step and tent rather far apart from each other for a sense of privacy. If you’re a vacationer with a DIY attitude, you’d find great delight in harvesting produce from the neighboring farm and setting up your own barbeque station.

Shishang Eco Zone, Jingkou Village, Guangming Neighborhood, Guangming, Shenzhen (深圳市光明区光明街道迳口村时尚生态谷)

Go Safari (积庆里野奢帐篷露营地)

Nestled in the woods far away from from the city lifestyle, Go Safari perfectly replicates the ambience of national park family trips right when fall and winter overlaps. Surrounded by majestic mountains and dotted by greenery, this dreamy campsite takes you out of the real world temporarily even further with pre-planned feasts any time of the day, lakeside movies and karaoke(!), staple bonfire parties as well as your very own complimentary videographer to immortalize your moments of joy.

Next to Makoutang, Jixingli Hot Spring Resort, Yingde Subdistrict, Qingyuan District, Guangdong (广东省英德市积庆里温泉度假区马口塘旁边)


拾野川露营地 is all about options. Want to immerse yourself in the great outdoors? Pick from more than a dozen tent types, from large to small, modern to Bohemian. Want to cut yourselves some slack and spend your night in a fluffy bed? Pick from the impressive array of villas, the roomiest of which coming with six suites and a living room to host your entire extended family. No matter which roof you have over your head, the picturesque countryside view you’ll get to enjoy is the same.

Inside Shiyechuan Town, Hehe Boulevard, Gaoming Subdistrict G359, Foshan District, Guangdong (广东省佛山市高明区G359(合和大道)绿地拾野川小镇内)


Even though it’s urging you to “flee the city for 48 hours” with its name, 逃离城市48h森地露营地 makes sure all comfort of living in the city stays intact when you’re out there in the country. Each tent comes equipped with an individual shower and bath plus 24/7 air conditioning, guaranteeing a splendid hotel experience with the plus side of refreshing air and an impeccable view. Wanna know the best part about this campsite? You can definitely bring your furry friends if you want to.

Inside Aotou Village, Qingcheng District, Qingyuan, Guangdong (广东省清远市清城区飞来峡坳头村委会山其洞8号)

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