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By Shimron Singh | June 2nd, 2023

Hong Kong is all set to welcome back a familiar face – the giant Rubber Duck is back! This time, it’s accompanied by a buddy, and they’ll be stationed at Victoria Harbour for two weeks, starting from June 10th. The “DOUBLE DUCKS by Florentijn Hofman” project is curated by the creative brand AllRightsReserved and will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Rubber Duck’s visit to Hong Kong. The exhibition is made possible by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, lead sponsor Prudential, and other sponsors including CSL, Ngong Ping 360, VSFG, ZA Bank, and supporting partner MTR Corporation.

The “Double Ducks” are 18 meters tall, making them one of the tallest rubber ducks in the world. The ducks are like the symmetrical Chinese characters “囍” and “朋”, symbolizing the prosperity of partnership, friendship, and the double happiness of coming together as one. In celebration of AllRightsReserved’s 20th anniversary, “DOUBLE DUCKS” will be the highlight of the anniversary celebration.

To spread happiness even further, a special series of “DOUBLE DUCKS with Hong Kong Signature Icons” has been launched around town. The ducks are featured in 24 images, and 18 selected ones are displayed at MTR stations across the city. Admiralty Station has been transformed into the “Double Ducks” Station, where Exit E has become a limited-time “Double Ducks Exit”. The station is covered in high-impact wrappings and rows of cute ducky footprints, motifs, and a giant duck face façade.

The Rubber Duck artwork will surely put a smile on everyone’s busy day, and it’s all about spreading joy and happiness through art. The “DOUBLE DUCKS by Florentijn Hofman” project is a must-visit for locals and tourists alike, and it’s sure to be a hit among everyone who loves fun and friendly vibes. So, get ready to quack up and visit the “DOUBLE DUCKS” exhibition at Victoria Harbour!

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