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By Faye Bradley | November 1st, 2021

Hong Kong winters are certainly no match in comparison to regions like Canada and Japan, but since most of us will be staying again this year, the city is the coldest we’ll get this season. Luckily, Hong Kong has an abundance of things to do, and for some, the 15 degree mornings are the perfect temperature for a lowkey winter. Here are some of our favorite activities on rotation.


Tai Po
Tai Po in all its glory. Photo: Michelle Sparling

An obvious must for many of us, hiking will be back in vogue since the weather will be much more manageable. Forget about the sweltering summer and embark on a pleasant, breezy hike that will still bring sunshine and blue waters that may just be warm enough to take a dip. Head to Devil’s Peak for a historical hike, Tai Long Wan for beach vibes and Long Ke for a peaceful retreat.

Museum Hopping

Hong Kong Maritime Museum
Photo: KTo288/Wiki Commons

Enjoy Hong Kong culture by exploring the abundance of museums. There are so many after all! Space lovers head to Hong Kong Space Museum while historians will enjoy Hong Kong Museum of History. If you want to see some paintings and sculptures, head to Hong Kong Museum of Art. For something more specific, try Hong Kong Maritime Museum or Hong Kong Railway Museum.

Ice Skating

Festival Walk. Photo by Wikipedia user Wpcpey
Festival Walk. Photo by Wikipedia user Wpcpey

We won’t be skiing this year but thankfully, the city houses a plethora of indoor ice skating rinks open year-round. Skate this season with your friends and family for a wonderful experience on ice which is – just almost – like the real thing. There are ice skating rinks at Elements, Festival Walk and Lohas Park, to name a few.

Go to a Theme Park

Ocean Park
Photo:en/Wiki Commons

Have you tried Water World yet? The Ocean Park extension is open year-round meaning you can swim and slide even in the winter. If that’s not for you, you can appreciate old-time favorites like Hong Kong Disneyland and themed spots like Noah’s Ark.

Cooking Class

The Mixing Bowl
The Mixing Bowl

Roast turkeys, soups and stews are on our winter menus, but not all of us are born chefs. Test your culinary expertise with a cooking class in Hong Kong to sharpen your skills. Some popular spots include The Mixing Bowl, ABC Cooking Studio and Yum Cha.

Hot Chocolates

Amber’s hot chocolate

One of the best parts about winter is the hot beverages that taste even better in the cold – yes, we’re eyeing the hot chocolate stands. Explore the best hot chocs in the city and sit back, relax and read a book while sipping your cuppa. Our top picks include Ralph’s Coffee, Godiva and The Peninsula.