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By Celia Hu | March 15th, 2022

Whether you are looking for something to commemorate your time in Hong Kong by, or gifting a friend who will soon bid farewell, we’ve got you covered when it comes to capturing a little piece of the Fragrant Harbor’s magic as a keepsake. Take a browse at the little details that make Hong Kong truly unique, and forever memorable.

The Lion Rock Press

A homegrown family business, The Lion Rock Press started off in high quality paper products and quickly expanded to homeware and toys, all with a primary focus on Hong Kong-inspired themes. We love their wide selection of ornaments, puzzle pieces, board games, stationery and wooden toys. The blue and white “porcelain” wooden dim sum sets are a perfect imaginative play toy for kids, and the Hong Kong animals bingo comes with loads of interesting animal facts. Their ever-growing array of quirky Christmas tree ornaments will remind those who’ve left Hong Kong of the city’s magic every holiday season.

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Pin Yin

Inspired by the late 1950s invention by Zhou Youguang called pīnyīn, which became a language and cultural conduit between China and the rest of the world, Pinyin Press specializes in gifts, homeware and stationery that reflect the themes of everyday life in China. Founded by a Central Saint Martin graduate who relocated to Shanghai, the brand features quirky designs the likes of xiaolongbao, lucky cats, and bowls of noodles on its ceramics, apparels and homewares. We simply couldn’t resist picking up bamboo steamers of ceramic dumpling-shaped salt and pepper shakers, and some traditional thermos motif tea towels. There are also adorable baby onesies with little bao patterns, perfect for little foodies.

Available here as well as at Bookazine.


By Mamalaterre

Architect-turned-artist Roong Suchinunkul started her brand By Mamalaterre in 2013, offering hands-on workshops as well as beautifully crafted products ranging from hand printing, watercolor painting, embroidery, textiles and hand-carved stamps. We’ve taken several of her classes for watercoloring as well as embroidering on canvas, and love her beautiful captures of everyday life in Hong Kong. Her website offers a wide range of products from prints, to placemats, masks, aprons, cushion covers, baby blankets and tote bags, all featuring her exquisite watercolor artworks. One of our favorites is a vintage-inspired green tile-printed apron with Chinese thermos motif. Another is a “Hong Kong ABC” tote bag featuring nostalgic local motifs that correspond to each letter of the alphabet.

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Nourish the inner epicurean in all of us with Loveramics, a local brand specializing in quality ceramics with modern aesthetics and a Chinese flair. Their simple, minimalist designs add splashes of color to any dinner setting, and will sure be a topic of conversation at any meal. We love their muted hue tableware, as well as the playful colors of their more vibrant, quirky lines. One of our favorites is the Willow collection, showcasing dinnerware in modern interpretations of classic Chinese blue and white porcelain motifs. There’s also a bevy of colorful tea pots and cups to serve your favorite teas in.

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Louis Hill Design

If you are looking for a pop of color and dash of whimsy to commemorate your time in Hong Kong, then head over to Louis Hill Design for some inspiring pieces. Previously based in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and now residing in Singapore, the artist’s works are inspired by the eclectic motifs she spots through her journey of living abroad in Asia. Drawing from her background in illustration, photography and graphic design, Louis composes highly detailed, multi-layered artworks on canvas as well as paper. Available in various formats, from rolled canvas to framed paintings and stretched canvas, her vibrant prints make for beautiful conversation pieces and memorable reminders of the magic of living in Asia.

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Tiny Island

Practicality and decorative art are two intertwining themes behind Tiny Island, a prints and lifestyle brand specializing in recreating neighborhood maps and aerial landscapes of Hong Kong into artworks. Decorative map prints in bright colors not only brighten up a room, but remind admirers of their memories trekking through the various streets in familiar neighborhoods. The array of different designs also adorn a host of other daily items such as umbrellas, tea towels, blankets, coasters and candles. So the next time you feel a tug of nostalgia, you can trace your finger through the streets and remember that special little shop you had that fantastic bowl of noodles at.

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Goods of Desire 

The OG of quintessentially Hong Kong-themed lifestyle products, Goods of Desire (or G.O.D.) has captured snapshots of the region in its wide range of products since 1996. Offering a kaleidoscope of products ranging from clothing, soft furnishings, kitchen supplies, personal accessories, stationery and pet products, G.O.D. sells not only their own branded goods but also other Hong Kong-themed brands like Loveramics, Zest of Asia and Or Tea, just to name a few. Many of their products have a tongue-in-cheek vibe — perfect for a good laugh while reliving memories of living in the Fragrant Harbor.

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