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By Shimron Singh | April 27th, 2023

How do Hong Kongers feel about taking vacations? Are we vacation deprived? Let’s get into it.

Hong Kong adults are feeling vacation deprived once again, according to Expedia’s 23rd annual Vacation Deprivation report. The report showed that 63% of Hong Kong adults reported feeling vacation deprived, which is defined as not only feeling like you don’t have enough vacation time but also feeling overwhelmed by the planning process.

The survey did, however, also show that 4 in 5 Hong Kong residents have already made travel plans for 2023 in order to get away and enhance their wellbeing. This is hardly shocking considering that 92% of respondents believed vacations were more essential than other luxury.

It is clear that Hong Kong residents are eager to appreciate their own time away after being cooped up indoors for over three years. While 83% of Hong Kongers believe their employers should improve their time-off policies or even implement a 4-day work week (94%) to give employees more time for personal appointments, errands, and travel, the study also shows that only 43% of Hong Kongers actually use all or most of the paid time off they are entitled to each year.

It’s interesting to note that numerous nations are actively testing out 4-day work weeks to determine if productivity, mental health, and work-life balance might improve. These nations include Belgium, Iceland, the UK, the US, and the UK. It is uncertain whether Hong Kong will adopt a similar policy.

But for the time being, it is evident that Hong Kong residents will stop at nothing to flee. Furthermore, they put their personal pleasure and wellbeing first, planning at least one trip every six months. It serves as a crucial reminder that setting out time for ourselves is crucial for both our mental health and general quality of life.

The pandemic has made it clear that a rigid 9-to-5 schedule doesn’t work for everyone. With more people working from home, it’s become increasingly important for companies to offer work flexibility. And according to a recent Expedia study, many Hong Kongers feel the same way.

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