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By Jefferson Mendoza | June 9th, 2019

Stockton is a finalist on The Loop HK 30 Best Eats 2019

Cheers to the past:  Head back in time with Stockton’s latest Origin of the Species series of 12 new signature cocktails — an ode to the civilizations of bygone eras.

From the Babylonian era to the Aztecs, these are just some of the periods into which Stockton’s award-winning mixology team have parlayed their skills to create their latest cocktail innovations. Finally, they’ve identified 12 periodic zeitgeists as inspiration for their menu.

Made from fermented honey dew melon, lemon sherbet, cucumber, “earth,” jalapeño tequila and tonic, The Berry Picker pays tribute to those living at a time when stone tools were used.

If you enjoy coffee and alcohol in your drink, try the Take Me to Babylon, a concoction made of coffee, pomegranate, Barolo Chinato, Red Chili Aperol, Cocoa Nib Hine VSOP and tonic water. Fun fact: the Babylonians loved drinking so much that they had worshipped a wine goddess named Geshtinanna or “Lady of the Vine.” So cheers to you, Geshtinanna!

And cheers as well to Stockton, which has already won numerous prestigious bar awards over the years and has been voted among Asia’s 50 best bars based on its last two menus.

Where? G/F, 32 Wyndham Street, Central

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 6pm till late.

How to book? or 2565-5268.

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Written by The Loop HK for Stockton.