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By Jefferson Mendoza | July 1st, 2019

Dishtag is the title sponsor of The Loop HK 30 Best Eats 2019.

Have you dishtagged it? You want to head out to eat with a friend and need inspiration. Dishtag’s collection of searchable visual menus from 100 of the top restaurants in Hong Kong could give you some ideas. Search for dim sum, pasta or vegetarian and be inspired by beautiful food photography.

Check out the Dishtag website here.

What’s more, having ordered a promising dish, you pull out your phone once it arrives. This is where the food photography camera and social elements of the Dishtag app comes in. Dishtag allows you to take a snapshot of your latest gastronomical adventure, upload it and ‘tag’ it in such a way that you can share it with your social food network.

The photo that you’ve tagged in Dishtag will be linked to the actual restaurant’s offcial menu, photos and dish descriptions. This creates a win-win situation for everyone involved: You the foodie / photographer can build an online following and inspire and get inspired by other foodies in your network, while the restaurants get the attention they deserve.

But that’s not all: No matter what your skills as a photographer are, if you love to take food photos and share them, Dishtag has created a cool new food composition camera that can help you take better photos! They also have tips for food photographers on their blog, Behind the Lens.


Who created Dishtag? Founders Adam Riley and Raffaella Bichiri, a dynamic husband and wife duo, combined their expertise in business and design along with their passion for food to create Dishtag.

How did this idea come up? The concept came up in 2014, when the founders were at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Dining with some friends, one of them, unsatisfed with her meal, snapped a photo of the dish and posted it on her social media channels but she also added a vulgar hashtag. The photo had disrespected the restaurant and the work of the chef. This mishap led to the creation of Dishtag and their mission to inspire people through food photography. Lucky us!

Check out the Dishtag website here.

How to download? Download here for iPhone or here for Android. Free!

Written by The Loop HK for Dishtag.