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By Shimron Singh | June 30th, 2023

Meet Chef Alfred Leung, a culinary artist with an impressive background in Michelin-starred kitchens. Trained under the renowned Gaddi’s former chef Ken Lau, Chef Alfred honed his skills at Palco Ristorante before joining Vie Won Won as the Executive Chef. With over a decade of experience in fine dining, Chef Alfred focuses on creating unique fusion dishes that amplify local flavors and showcase his mastery of perfected techniques.

At Vie Won Won, Chef Alfred’s passion for seafood takes center stage, as he skillfully works with prized ingredients such as sea bass, clams, and lobster to create dishes with perfectly balanced flavors. While he elevates classic Hong Kong cuisine with high-quality ingredients, Chef Alfred also experiments with innovative techniques to craft one-of-a-kind dishes that tantalize the senses.

Join us as we delve into Chef Alfred’s culinary journey, from his early days at Michelin-starred kitchens to his current role as the mastermind behind Vie Won Won’s exquisite menus.

How did you get into food and cooking?

I love to eat, but delicious food was not always available. I started going to bookstores to read books and slowly became interested in the world of cooking. Later, I entered the food and beverage industry and discovered that my fondness for cooking was more than just a hobby; it is a true passion that I deeply love.

What training did you do to become a chef?

I attended culinary school from the age of 19 and trained under the renowned Gaddi’s former chef Ken Lau at Palco Ristorante to learn the art of fine dining for seven years.

What do you think are the most important attributes of a chef?

In my opinion, there are several important attributes that a chef must possess in order to be successful. Firstly, they must have a strong work ethic and be willing to put in the hard work in a high-pressure environment. A good chef should also be detail-oriented, with a keen eye for precision in both flavors and presentation.

Additionally, a chef must be curious and open-minded, always eager to learn about new ingredients, techniques, and cuisines. They should be adventurous in their culinary pursuits and willing to take risks in order to create something truly unique and memorable.

This is what sets you apart in the culinary world.

What is your process for creating a dish?

My process for creating a dish typically starts with researching the ingredients and finding inspiration to understand their textures and flavor profiles. This helps me to visualize how they could be used in a dish. From there, I like to explore different recipes, try out new techniques, and experiment with different flavor combinations. I also enjoy dining out and sampling dishes from other chefs to get ideas and inspiration.

Once I have a rough idea of what I want to create, I start testing the dish in the kitchen. I’ll make adjustments and refine the recipe until I feel that it’s successful and ready to be served.

What are your favorite ingredients to work with?

Personally, I have a real passion for working with seafood. The versatility of seafood is what makes it such an exciting ingredient to work with. There are so many ways to cook it and it pairs perfectly with a range of different seasonings and flavors.

What do you consider to be the standout moments of your career?

As a head chef, one of the most exciting things is creating your own signature dish. I’ll never forget the first time someone ordered my dish and told me how delicious it was. It was an incredible feeling of joy and satisfaction. This moment of validation for all the hard work and experimentation that went into creating that dish will stay with me forever. It’s moments like these that make being a chef so rewarding and inspires me to keep pushing the boundaries of my creativity and culinary skills.

What makes Vie Won Won unique in the Hong Kong dining scene?

What makes Vie Won Won stand out in the Hong Kong dining scene is its unique and inventive approach to both its dishes and drinks. The restaurant’s menu showcases a range of innovative and quirky dishes that are unlike anything else in the city. From playful takes on classic Hong Kong dishes to fusion creations that blend unexpected flavors and textures, Vie Won Won’s dishes are sure to surprise and delight diners.

Vie Won Won also has a distinctive and whimsical style that runs throughout the entire restaurant, from its playful decor to its imaginative cocktails. This creates a fun and engaging atmosphere that sets it apart from other dining establishments in Hong Kong.

How do you see the food scene changing in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong, as a diverse port city, constantly welcomes an influx of various ingredients and cultures. This dynamic environment inspires us to continually innovate, refine, and assimilate, ensuring we maintain a competitive edge.

What’s next at Vie Won Won?

I believe that the most important thing for the future is to first establish a solid foundation. Many restaurants have weathered the storm during the pandemic, finding an extraordinary balance during extraordinary times. Now that the pandemic is over, restaurants should focus even more on providing excellent service and offerings. Our goal is to join the ranks of Michelin-starred establishments and become a restaurant that both colleagues and guests can take pride in.

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