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By Shimron Singh | May 24th, 2023

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with this week’s dining news. From revamped menus to immersive dining experiences, there’s something for everyone. Want to indulge in traditional roasts with a modern twist? Check out Hungry Pal’s fresh Sunday Roast selection. Looking for a high-energy Saturday night of dining and fun? Uma Nota’s Carnaval Night Brunch has got you covered. And for those looking for something truly unique, Gishiki Lounge’s Noh Theatre-inspired cocktail menu and Jǐng’s Song Dynasty-inspired eight-course menu will transport you to a different time and place. So come on, let’s dive into this week’s delicious dining news

Dining News This Week: 22 May – 28 May 2023

Hungry Pal Unleashes Their Revamped Menu & Sunday Roast

Big news – Hungry Pal is back and better than ever with a revamped menu and a fresh Sunday Roast selection that will leave you drooling. Get ready for a mouthwatering array of traditional roasts with a modern gastropub twist! Plus, their Weekend Brunch Menu is back and better than ever. And did we mention the Summer Spritz cocktails? Yum! Join the fun at Hungry Pal and get ready for good times and great food.

Uma Nota’s Carnaval Night Brunch

Hong Kong’s Uma Nota is celebrating six years with an elevated Carnaval Night Brunch. This roving party will feature drummers, Brazilian dancers, and entertainment props for a high-energy Saturday night of dining and fun. Guests can enjoy a Brazilian feast with free-flow drinks and an after-party with a DJ performance. The event will take place on June 17, September 23, and December 16, 2023, and seats are limited. Don’t miss this chance to embrace the Brazilian way of life!

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Gishiki Lounge Launches New Noh Theatre-Inspired Cocktail Menu

Gishiki Lounge has launched a new Noh Theatre-inspired menu, featuring contemporary cocktails with complex flavors. The menu is categorized into three sections: Jo, Ha, and Kyu, each with a unique story and palate-awakening taste. The cocktails are priced at HK$138 and include ingredients such as spiced rum, coconut, black sesame, and shiitake mushroom. Guests can enjoy a unique storytelling experience while sipping on their favorite cocktail in the immersive space of Gishiki Lounge, located in the heart of Central.

Jǐng Unveils New Eight-Course Song Dynasty Menu

Jǐng’s new eight-course menu, inspired by the Song Dynasty, offers a unique and immersive dining experience that highlights the refined culinary techniques and food culture of the era. Chef Wu’s curated menu features dishes such as Emperor Gaozong’s Orange-flavoured Crab Meat, Su Shi’s Slow-cooked Pork Belly, and General Yue Fei’s Smoked Whole Goose. The meal ends with Aromatic Fried Almond Taro Slices with Sweet Farewell Tea. The eight-course set menu is priced at $1,299 per person, while a six-course lunch menu is available for $800 per person. Complement your meal with premium liquors for an elevated dining experience.

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The Cakery Launches All New Cake Flavors

Calling all dessert lovers! The Cakery has launched a new collection of signature cakes that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. The retro-inspired Blueberry Lemon and Orange Marmalade Bundt cakes are perfect for sharing with friends, while the Pandan Mochi Cotton Cake and Yuzu Keto Cake offer delicious gluten-free and keto-friendly options. And don’t miss out on the new cupcake flavors, including the Little Daisy and the Pandan Paradise. Indulge in these delectable treats and satisfy your cravings with The Cakery’s latest creations.

The Astor Celebrates Summery Flavors This Season

The Astor at Eaton HK is launching a new “Tropical Fiesta!” afternoon tea buffet from June 3, featuring a range of mouthwatering dishes that highlight the exotic and refreshing flavors of summer. The Western counter offers hot and cold dishes, including the must-try Tropical Flank Steak and fall-off-the-bone Tropical Long Ribs. End your feast with a selection of fruity desserts, such as the Dragon Fruit Tart and Guava Mousse Cake. And don’t forget to try the limited edition Mango Coconut Smoothie and Blue Lagoon Mocktail to beat the heat.

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Quinary’s Margarita Soiree: Cocktails, Choi, and Rybak

“Frenchie” by Arcadius Rybak
“La Sorpresa” by Billy Choi

Quinary and Cointreau have teamed up for a Margarita Soiree from May 23 to July 2, featuring three refreshing cocktails curated by Quinary’s Assistant Bar Manager, Billy Choi, former Rosewood Hong Kong Beverage Director, Arcadius Rybak, and Quinary’s Bar Manager, Kai. The highlight of the event is a one-night-only guest shift on June 14, where Billy and Arcadius will reunite behind the bar. Enjoy the beautiful combination of orange hues and crisp whites in the summery venue while sipping on La Sorpresa, Frenchie, and Wake Me Up Before… cocktails. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable event filled with exquisite flavors and sensory delight.

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Venchi’s New Flavors to Beat the Heat

Get ready to cool down this summer with Venchi’s new Summer Exclusive Gourmet Gelato. The bright yellow Durian Sorbet and Lemon Delight are here to bring happiness, energy, and warmth to your taste buds. Indulge in the rich and creamy texture of the Asian king fruit with the Durian Sorbet, or transport yourself to the sunny shores of Italy with the tangy Lemon Delight. Both flavors are made with the most wholesome, high-quality, and gluten-free ingredients, so everyone can enjoy a scoop (or two). Available from June 6 at all Venchi stores in Hong Kong.

Featured Image by Sara Dubler

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