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By Jasmine Hung | October 15th, 2022

Ahead of the 7th Anniversary milestone, Deliveroo released the results of its “Hong Kongers’ Dining Rituals Survey”. The survey, based on over 1,000 local residents’ responses, reveals Hong Kongers’ diverse habits in different aspects of eating, along with some dining rituals that many of us may share.

Let’s take eating xiao long bao as an example. When the xiao long bao is freshly served, steam emerges from the dumplings that are wrapped with umami-packed filling and broth – a mouthwatering sight indeed, but also a food that can be too hot to handle! To enjoy the umami-packed xiao long bao, the survey found most Hong Kongers devour the dumplings in one single magnificent bite (50%), leaving the broth and filling to tickle the taste buds simultaneously despite the heat. Coming in a close second, 47% of Hong Kongers take a more cautious approach, by first poking a hole in the xiao long bao and savouring the broth, before eating the dumpling.

Image: Deliveroo

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