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By Jasmine Hung | October 23rd, 2022

Food delivery has undeniably become part of Hong Kong people’s daily lives. Deliveroo recently announced the findings of its latest consumer survey conducted by Censuswide in September 2022, to explore the latest food and grocery delivery trends among 1,000 Hong Kong consumers. The survey results reveal a significant increase in delivery service usage over time among various demographics, as well as some customer preference factors that could shape the market’s direction in future.

  1. Over one fifth (23%) of respondents said their average spending on food delivery services each month exceeds HK$2,000, compared to 12% in 2019
  2. On average, Hong Kong consumers spend HK$1,595 per month on grocery delivery services
  3. The majority of respondents between ages 46-55 acknowledged a year-on-year increase in food (83%) and grocery delivery (74%) service use
  4. Most respondents expect to continue or increase their use of delivery services in the coming year (72% for food and 65% for groceries) amid city reopening

While the ever-growing popularity of food delivery applies to the entirety of Hong Kong, some districts show notable differences in spending amount. In the past year, the highest average monthly spending on food delivery services came from Wan Chai (HK$1,844), Central and Western (HK$1,810) and Yuen Long (HK$1,678). Notably, consumers from Hong Kong Island are more likely (22%) to reward themselves for hard work or achievements with food delivery services than respondents from Kowloon (14%) or New Territories (15%).

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