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By Lulu Jeh | January 29th, 2016

Dear Lulu Jeh: I hooked up with this cute guy on Tinder last week — it was late and we were flirting massively at Play before going back to his place. We were both just looking for a one-night stand, but I wasn’t expecting him to promptly kick me out of his flat right after! WTF! It was baffling and I’m more than a little bit offended. — Kicked Out

Dear KO,

Ouch! That’s just bad manners. Plain and simple. As far as I know, when it comes to one-night stands, it’s usually common courtesy to let the guest choose when to get going — as long as it’s not say at noon the next day. Come to think of it: that seems like a good rule.

You should peace out well before lunch time — or before work if this is a weeknight adventure — and a farewell brunch on weekends is as far as you go. This guy has no decency and if you met him at Play… then, well, can’t say I’m totally surprised. Message him to let him know what he did was rude and totally uncalled for — if only so he could save himself from being a jackass on his next fling. — Lulu

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