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By Lulu Jeh | July 8th, 2020

Dear Lulu Jeh: I had organized a trip with my other half which we had to cancel because of the COVID-19 outbreak. I had pegged a lot of hope on it because we’ve been having issues, and I thought this trip could really help us bond. Now that this trip is no longer happening, I feel like I’m losing hope of our relationship ever working out. What should I do? — Stuck in Place


Dear SIP,

You should remember that just because you’re not going on this trip now, doesn’t mean you won’t be going on this trip forever. We’re hearing discussions of potential “travel bubbles” being opened up around Hong Kong (note: always check official government announcements for the latest restrictions surrounding travel.) In any case, it will happen when all of this is over — so don’t worry about that part. 

The real issue I have with your question: Why are you tethering all your hope of your relationship to this one trip? That’s not a healthy way to approach any issues you’re experiencing. Sure, it would have been a chance to relax and spend quality time together. But even if you were able to go on this trip, you need to realize that it wouldn’t be a silver bullet for your problems.

Take advantage of this period, where we’re spending more quiet time with our loved ones, to communicate honestly about problems you’re experiencing or thoughts on your mind. That’s a much better thing to spend your energy on. If you’re really itching for a holiday with your partner, why not look into Hong Kong’s best staycation packages? 

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