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By Lulu Jeh | January 16th, 2020

Dear Lulu: I recently started casually seeing a guy, and I could really see it going somewhere. However, out of nowhere, I’ve met another guy who’s really interested and persistent! What are the rules these days about playing the field? Can I date two people at the same time? — Straddling the Fence


Dear SF, there are so many blurred lines in dating these days, aren’t there?

As for whether you’re allowed to date two people at the same time, it depends on the understanding you have with the person you’re dating. Did you ever have a conversation about whether you can see other people? Most people lean towards the school of thought that, if “the talk” hasn’t happened had yet, then you’re still a free agent.

However, if you have strong feelings for him and both of you really see it going somewhere, then it would make more sense not to see other people.

Ultimately, it depends on how you feel about the person. Align your expectations first, then go from there.

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